We have a growing network of nearly 100 behavioral health and therapy providers to serve our growing client base. The list below represents some of the providers in the BHPN that provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy.

Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a scientific discipline that focuses on the analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of social and other environmental modifications to produce meaningful changes in behavior. Based on assessment and observations, ABA programs make changes to an individual’s environment to promote changes to that person’s behavior.

ABA is based on the fact that an individual’s behavior is determined by past and current environmental events in conjunction with genetic and physiological variables. When included in a client’s treatment for autism, ABA focuses on addressing the problems of the disorder by altering the individual’s social and learning environments. The focus of ABA is both on skill acquisition (behaviors to increase) as well as behavior reduction for maladaptive behaviors. These, when occurring together, create meaningful change to an individual’s behavior.

  • 3-Tier Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA): A model of treatment where a paraprofessional works directly with a client 1:1 in the home or in a clinic, implementing the treatment plan designed by the assigned Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or high-level supervisor with the support of a mid-level clinician.
  • Parent-Led Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA): A parent-mediated approach to ABA where parents are put at the forefront of their child’s treatment with the support of a BCBA and a mid-level supervisor.
  • Parent Training: An approach to treatment that is focused on the skills of the parent rather than the child. This model of treatment is less intensive than Parent-Led ABA or 3-tier ABA and focuses on specific skills of effective parenting.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy helps clients increase their level of functioning and become more independent. Therapies can include activities of daily living and task-oriented therapeutic activities designed to improve or develop functioning.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy works to prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication and swallowing disorders. Speech therapists work with clients to improve speech and language capabilities through a variety of speech and behavioral health treatments.

(Source: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association)

1st Step Applied Behavior Analysts, Inc.
ABA Plus, Inc.
ABLE Kids Co.
ACES 2020, LLC
Adapt: A Behavioral Collective, Inc.
Advance Behavioral Therapies
Advanced ABA, Inc.
Advance Kids
Ambitions Behavior Health
Animate Behavior, LLC
Applied Behavior Consultants, Inc. (ABC)
Applied Family Solutions (AFS)
Ascend Rehab Services, Inc.
Aspire Speech and Learning Center (Center for Communication Skills)
Autism Behavior Services, Inc.
Autism Collaborative Therapies, Inc.
Autism Intervention Professionals
Autism Learning Partners (ALP)
Autism Spectrum Therapies
Axis Applied Integrated Services, LLC
Bay Area Behavior Consultants, LLC
BECA (now Kadiant)
Behavioral Health Works, Inc.
Behavioral Intervention Association (BIA)
Behavior Frontiers, LLC
Behavior Matters California, LLC
Behavior Nation LLC
Behavior Reimagined
BEST Consulting, Inc.
BEST for Autism
Bridging Differences ABA, LLC
Brightlight Behavior Group, LLC
Building Blocks Behavior Consultants, Inc.
Building Connections Behavioral Health, Inc
Burnett Therapeutic Services, Inc.
Burnett Therapeutic Services, LLC
Butterfly Effects, LLC
California Autism Center & Learning Group
CAS (now Kadiant)
Center for Applied Behavior Analysis LLC (CABA)
Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Inc. (CARD)
Center for Learning and Autism Support Services, Inc. (CLASS)
Center for Social Dynamics (CSD)
Center For Speech, Language, Occupational and Behavior Therapy (CSLOT)
Chang & Associates Behavior Consulting, LLC
Child Communication & Behavior Specialists
Comprehensive Autism Related Education, Inc. (CARE)

CVAP (now Kadiant)
Discover Hope Behavioral Solutions, Inc.
East Bay ABA Group, LLC
Easterseals Northern California
Easterseals Central California
Ed Sped Solutions, Inc.
Educational & Therapeutic Services, Inc.
Emerging Milestones, Inc.
Empower Speech Therapy and Life Skills Center
FirstSteps for Kids, Inc.
Foundations Therapy Services
Genesis Behavior Center
Get Social! Therapy
Innovative Pathways, Inc.
Intercare Therapy, Inc.
Joyscape Therapy, LLC
Kadiant, LLC
KOI (now Kadiant)
Learning ARTS
Learning Solutions Kids, Inc.
Maverick Education & Behavioral Solutions, LLC
Maxim Healthcare Services
Momentum Behavior Services, LLC
Montessori Autism Programs & Services, Inc. (MAPS)
Moving Mountains, LLC
OPYA, Inc.
Pacific Autism Learning Services (PALS)
Positive Behavior Supports Corporation
Seven Bridges Speech Pathology, Inc.
Silicon Valley ABA & Consulting Services
Speech, Inc.
Speech Jungle, LLC
Square One Autism Services, Inc.
STE (now Kadiant)
Steps Therapy, Inc.
Taylor Consulting, Taylor Behavior Therapy
Teach, Acquire, Thrive, LLC
The Autism Impact Circle, LLC
The H.O.P.E. Center, LLC
Therapeutic Learning Consultants, Inc.
Therapeutic Pathways
The Reilly Behavioral Group, LLC
The Speech Pathology Group, Inc.
Thrive Therapy & Social Center
Total Education Solutions (TES)
Trumpet Behavioral Health, LLC
Wellspring Behavior Consulting, LLC
Xcite Steps, Inc.

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