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Since 2012, the BHPN® has served families in Northern California through innovative practices and evidence-based treatment modalities. Today, the BHPN is at the forefront of person-centered care for people with autism and their families.

We provide individualized services for clients.

Everyone is different and clients receive individualized services. Each client is assigned a treatment team of clinical practitioners and supervisors who are responsible for individualizing a client’s treatment.

Providers are committed to high standards.

Providers in the BHPN are committed to high standards of clinical care for clients. Providers adhere to laws and regulations required for its clinical practitioners.

Parent and family participation makes a big difference.

In order for care to be most effective, parents and families are requested to participate in treatment. Treatment is not a long-term solution; it is a short-term opportunity to obtain the skills and resources necessary to manage the symptoms. A client’s treatment team will give parents goals to work on between sessions and throughout the treatment periods. Practicing skills in between sessions will make a big difference in a child’s response to treatment.

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