Quality treatment for individuals impacted by autism

A new way forward for health care

Partnerships lead to better client outcomes

We are the BHPN (the Behavioral Health Provider Network), a network of behavioral health and therapy providers in Northern California that offers evidence-based treatment, including applied behavior analysis (ABA), occupational therapy, floortime treatment and speech therapy for clients.

Working collaboratively with our behavioral health and therapy providers, clients and their families, we ensure timely access to quality treatment.

The BHPN provides an array of services for individuals and families living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Our services vary in type and level of intensity depending on each individual’s needs.

Clients & Families

The BHPN team of providers is constantly pushing to achieve the best clinical services for clients and their families.


Providers in the BHPN give children and families affected by disabilities the opportunity to achieve their highest potential.